Adventure Begins

There is more to life than just living and reaching your destination.

Life should be about adventure and having some fun.

Let’s go hike!

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About My Adventures

I am a mother, a sister, a businesswoman, a friend, a blogger, a dreamer, a creator. I have a tendency to work more and exercise less than what is required for a healthy lifestyle.

We are all responsible for our own adventure, so let’s have some fun and go on that hike!


Hiking & WhatNot

Here you will find everything about hiking, from techniques to strange facts, what to eat, how to afford hiking, and even how to get hiking fit.



Getting the right hiking gear is essential and can sometimes be expensive. Reviews can make this much more fun and provide you with great ideas.

Reviews are done for Hiking gear, food, clothes, shoes, books, and trails.

Hiking For Woman.com

It has been a few years now since I did any hiking and I used to enjoy it a lot.I remember spending a week hiking in Wales in the UK a few years back and it rained the entire time and we just couldn’t get dry. That wasn’t a nice experience at all.Nowadays, unfortunately, I don’t get around to doing any hiking but that is down to my other half not being able to walk too far due to a back complaint.I totally agree that exercise plays an important role, especially the older we get and mine nowadays is running and cycling.Thank you for sharing~ Mick

These are very good and helpful tips to making hiking more enjoyable and safe as well.
I agree eating food that will help boost our stamina is very smart as it helps us hike better.~ Femi

Fascinating. I wish I can walk all 6 of them. But I always wanted to walk Machu Picchu. It must be very romantic to do it with that special person in your life. The Gaviota hot springs in California sound the most romantic to me: the milky rose petal water of a natural spa forms a perfect romantic setting.~ Louise

Life is too short, let’s go for a hike!

Adventure Begins

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