6 Romantic Hiking Holidays


romantic hiking holiday

Are you an adventurous couple, looking for a romantic hiking holiday? Here is my list of 6 romantic hiking holidays world wide.

What is a romantic hiking holiday?

Spending time together is the reason why couples go on holiday. A romantic hiking holiday is a combination of adventure and romance.

Why would you want to go on a romantic hiking holiday?

Hiking provides adventure, exploring and seeing new things with your partner is a bonding experience. It is an excellent way to learn more from each other.

Secondly hiking promotes physical contact and romance. What is more romantic than chivalry by giving a hand when crossing a stream or climbing over a log?

Consider a picnic at the waterfall or on the beach and make new wonderful memories because the beauty of nature can spur romance.

Hiking releases the happy chemicals: serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. These chemicals improve mood and elevate energy and is responsible for human happiness.

Romantic hiking holidays are memorable and it can be very affordable.

What to wear on a romantic hiking holiday?

Lacking the proper clothing, shoes, and gear can make for a miserable day on the hiking trail. Make sure you both have the proper hiking gear, and one or both of you will need a smallish backpack for carrying a few essential items to keep your hiking date fun, comfortable, and safe.

That is not to say that sexy nighties or underwear is out. On the contrary make sure the holiday includes a little bit if swimming and perhaps make the sleeping arrangement just for the two of you, not sharing with other people.

Here is my list of 6 Romantic hiking holidays.

6 Romantic Hiking Holidays

1. Inca Trail, Peru

This classic couples trail is considered one of the greatest adventure experiences on the planet. There are very few trails where you pass 500 year old archeological treasures while also hiking among some of the most beautiful mountains on earth.

The high-altitude ruins of Machu Picchu are located on a mountain ridge 7,972 feet above sea level at the end of the Classic Inca Trail Route, in the Urubamba Province of Southern Peru.

This is known as one of the ‘New Seven Wonders of the World’.

The Classic Inca Trail route is a 3 to 5 day hike, it takes about 4 days and 3 nights to reach Machu Picchu.

Inca Trail

Where to stay after hiking the Inca Trail?

Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel – Popular with those heading to the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu, Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel is an intimate Andean village with terraced hills, waterfalls, stone pathways and 83 whitewashed adobe casitas tucked away in the cloud forest.

After exploring the Historic Sanctuary and in-house excursions, guests can enjoy the Unu Spa, which combines the classic nurturing with a mystical Andean approach.

Natural products are derived from local botanical extracts (mint, eucalyptus and orchids), thus providing a pleasing spiritual, sensual and soothing experience.

The first-class restaurant features stunning views of Vilcanota River, and shares the secrets of Peruvian cuisine with a contemporary twist.

2. Gaviota Hot Springs, California

Next on my list is Gaviota Hot Springs,  the Gaviota State Park is a state park of California, United States. It is located in southern Santa Barbara County, California, about 33 miles west of the city of Santa Barbara.

The hot springs are subject to Gaviota Park hours and rules. Open hours are 8 a.m. to sunset, and swimsuits are required.

Take Note

A $2 daily parking fee is required at the self-pay station at the trailhead. Furthermore that there is a considerable amount of poison oak along this trail.

Sulfur bubbles warm the milky blue water and the temperature varies throughout the year but on is on average between 95°F and 100°F (35°C and 40°C).

The Main hiking trial is a 6 mile round trip, while the scenic Trespass Trail is a 6.5-mile loop with 2,150 feet of elevation gain.

Imagine a day at mother nature’s spa with milky rose pedal water and your lover, enjoying bubbles and relaxing with your sexy swimsuit.

Where to stay after hiking Gaviota Hot Springs?

Sideways Inn is the perfect place where you can unwind in a freshly updated rustic room with the Danish charm of nearby Solvang. Enjoy California’s breathtaking central coast.

Guests can enjoy the resort swimming pool, playground, and complimentary Wi-Fi. Sideways Inn also allows guests to easily access many of the area’s most popular attractions and destinations.

Wine tasting at a local winery, the charming town of Solvang, and the serene surroundings of Lake Cachuma and Los Padres National Forest are just a few of the points of interest situated just moments away from the resort.

Sideways Inn

3. Santorini Caldera, Greece

Thirdly on my list is Santorir’s sun-bleached, smooth-edged houses, azure-domed churches, narrow streets and spectacular views over the expanse of the Aegean Sea are symbolic of this little paradise.


Hiking in Santori includes, hot springs, a volcano crater and stunning sunsets.

Santorini’s half-moon-shaped bay is the center of the caldera (a cauldron-like volcanic depression), which collapsed after a volcanic eruption around 3500 BC.

The hot springs are on the tiny, uninhabited islet of Palea Kameni. Continuous volcanic activity underground maintains the springs’ temperature between 86ºF and 95ºF (30°C and 35°C).

Furthermore the Hiking Trail Fira – Oia is a very popular hike. This hike will lead you through the sister villages of Fira, Firostefani and Imerovigli, going higher up all the time above the caldera.

This magnificent path offers many changing views on the volcano, the sea and the caldera.

On this trial you will see the harbour of Ammoudi in Oia and the busy square of Theotokopoulou and also visit the Archaeological Museum.

There are many restaurants on your hike, so you can enjoy the local cuisine.

Where to stay in Santori?

Altana Heritage Suites – Nestled 400 m above the Aegean Sea, on the volcanic rocks of Imerovigli, Altana is a restored 1700 building offering luxurious units with caldera views.

It features an outdoor pool, a traditional cafe and serves homemade breakfast daily. The closest restaurant is walking distance of about 61 m from the property.

This is a beautiful building with breathtaking views, where you can experience Greece as the romantic getaway it has always been portrait in the movies.

4. AltaGracia, Costa Rica

Fourthly on my list is AltaCracia, this is all about the experience or story as AltaGracia is a resort full of adventures.

Discovering a romantic journey starting with a 5 km self-guided hike on the riverbanks.

Furthermore enjoying the fresh water of the Calientillo River following scenic pathways across beautiful natural surroundings.

As well as climbing 30 m into the tallest trees of their secondary forest to reach a hidden tree net that serves as a canopy. A perfect place for a picturesque picnic.

The resort also have a variety of indigenous Costa Rican horses and provide a tour to the Talamancan foothills on horseback.

Hacienda AltaGracia is also a coffee plantation with coffee tours and tasting.

At the same time the resort also has a traditional Costa Rican kitchen with fresh produce from an organic garden.

5. Hole in the Wall, South Africa

The Hole-in-the-Wall is next on my list and is an exceptional rocky arch.

The formation consists of a tidal island containing a natural arch that takes the form of a hole pierced through a wall of sandstone and shale by the waves of the sea. This is located at the mouth of the Mpako River, about 8 km due south of Coffee Bay on the Wild Coast in Eastern Cape, South Africa.

A romantic story linked to the origins of the name

This place is called esiKhaleni or ‘Place of Noise’ by the locals.

According to a Xhosa legend a beautiful maiden who lived in a village on the shores of a coastal lagoon separated from the sea by a sheer cliff, fell in love with a man of the legendary sea-people.

When her angry father heard of this unnatural liaison, he gave her a choice to never see her lover again or to leave the village.

One night her lover came to the cliff with his people and rammed a gaping hole through the cliff using the head of an enormous fish.

Through this breach they streamed to the village singing and shouting; all the villagers hid, except the maiden, who rushed into the arms of her lover.

She was never heard of again. Sometimes the waves would slap the rocks with a resounding crack, and the hole roars during storms.

Tribesmen believe that these are the sounds of the sea-people singing and shouting, hence the name of the place, esiKhaleni.

The Coffee Bay to Hole in the Wall hiking trail is about 3 hours and leads you to an extraordinary rock formation out in the ocean, with a hole through the middle where the Mpako River passes through.

This 9 km hike follows a mythology pathway through colourful villages, running rivers and sometimes even spotting dolphins and migrating whales.

This hike involves going up and down the cliffs and experiencing the 260 million year old spectacular views.

In addition there is also relaxing under the trees and swimming and eating lunch at the Chief’s house for traditional Xhosa food.

There are a lot of other hikes in Coffee Bay as well such as

  • The Easy Falls hike,
  • The Village Walk,
  • Mpuzi Cliffs and Caves.

Where to stay after visiting the Hole in the Wall?

Coffee Shack
on the ‘Beach Side’ across the tidal Bomvu stream. Coffee Shack has everything you need for a comfortable holiday.

The fun and festive Babalaza Bar has a free pool table and Tuesday night theme parties. There is a restaurant, free Wi-Fi as well as a self-catering kitchen.

6. Glendalough Co, Wiklow

Lastly on my list is the valley of the two lakes where the ancient crumbling city is found.

Glendalough offers a rich history and spectacular views that grabs the imagination of knights and Vikings fighting and holy men searching for answers to questions long forgotten.


The Glendalough Valley is located in the Wicklow Mountains National Park. The monuments and lakes are accessible all year round at anytime of the day with no charge to see if the Monastic Site.

The park is home to the Round Tower and its scenic lakes and valleys, as well as a selection of walks and trails in the area.

The National Park also run educational nature walks for adults and children.

There are 3 long distance walks the Wicklow Way, St. Kevin’s Way and the Avonmore Way.

The Wicklow Way is a 131-kilometre long-distance trail that crosses the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland. It runs from Marlay Park in the southern suburbs of Dublin through County Wicklow and ends in the village of Clonegal in County Carlow.

This hike is on average completed between 5-7 days and even so can be done in as a whole or only the parts you want to.

It is one of the busiest of Ireland’s National Waymarked Trails, with up to 24,000 people a year walking the most popular sections.

There are lots to do

In this ancient storybook valley the romantic wanderer can get lost hiking and walking the many beautiful sites. From round towers, and cemeteries to spectacular views of the Guinness Lake and discovering secret hideaways on the terraces of the Powerscourt Estate.

Stop for a picnic at the Powerscourt Waterfall while enjoying lunch as you admire the cascades of water splashing down the jagged rockface.

Powerscourt Waterfall

On your way find the Victor’s Way Indian Sculpture Park a garden devoted to meditation and black granite sculptures.


Where to stay when visiting Glendalough?

Fancy some romantic place in the country then Riversdale House is the B&B guesthouse for you, nestled in the heart of the Wicklow Mountains, Eire.

All bedrooms offer splendid views of the spectacular scenery of the Wicklow Mountains and the Glendasan River.

This guesthouse gets a review of 4 and half stars on Trip Advisor and Riversdale has access to nine way-marked walking trails in the valley of Glendalough.

Conclusion to my list of 6 Romantic Hiking Holidays

On this list you should be able to find the perfect destination for a romantic hiking holiday.

It’s important to remember to adhere to the rules and regulations of each hiking destination and to practice the policy to leave no trace.

Take the essentials and always inform a reliable third party where you are going to hike.


The most important thing to remember is to have fun, let the adventure begin!

PS: Which hiking holiday would you take?



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  1. Hi Cornelia, I like your post. So lovely and romantic. I can think how wonderful it feels to walk with a loved one on of these beautiful destinations. I don’t know which one to choose. Still, I like Santorini the most. Greece is all beautiful but that part is absolutely magical. Especially for lovers. This will be a destination I will recommend to my boyfriend, also the hotel is fabulous. Keep writing such great articles. All the best,

  2. Fascinating. I wish I can walk all 6 of them. But I always wanted to walk Machu Picchu. It must be very romantic to do it with that special person in your life. The Gaviota hot springs in California sounds the most romantic to me: the milky rose petal water of a natural spa forms a perfect romantic setting .

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