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This is the secret behind the adventures of Hiking for woman.com.

Hi, my name is Cornelia, welcome to Hiking for Woman.com.hiking mountain

I am a mother, a sister, a businesswoman, a friend, a blogger, a dreamer, and a creator. I have a tendency to work more and exercise less than what is required for a healthy lifestyle.

We have so many responsibilities and life sometimes seems to pass by with a headache and a piece of toast. There is so much more out there, life should be an adventure!


This is my way of helping you to have some fun in your adventure by sharing my health tips, my Hiking Exercises, the gear I like to hike in, the apps I like to use as well as the hiking I am doing and ticking off my hiking bucket list.

Why Hiking:

  1. It is a powerful cardio workout.
  2. Anyone can do it, doesn’t matter how fit you are or what size you are.
  3. It lowers stress levels.
  4. Improve your blood pressure and bone density.
  5. Lower your risk of heart disease.

To name but a few benefits and you can do it with your kids, friends, or family. You could even do it alone but there are a few important precautions to take. When going, Solo.

Hiking women


Is to have fun!

It is pushing us out of our comfort zone and doing something that gets that adrenaline pumping.

You can never reach all items on your bucket list! There isn’t enough time and as we mature and grow older our bucket lists change.

That is why Hikingforwoman.com is the place where you can read about those bucket list hikes or adventures that you might not do yourself but can still enjoy reading about.

We also love to combine hiking with holidays, this is an excellent idea to see the country or world and tick off that bucket list.

Another option we love to do is Road Trips. Sometimes we would combine it with a hiking adventure but other times we might post the hiking trails available but only do the Road Trip.

Let the adventure begins.

All the best,




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  1. Hi, this is indeed a great idea for everybody from all borders of life, life doesn’t have to be boring when there are so many adventures out there. Great content you put out there…

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