SOLO Hiking – a Woman’s Guide


Have you let the fear of hiking alone kept you indoors? Solo hiking a woman’s guide will show you how you can hike alone and conquer that fear.

Is it safe to go hiking alone as a woman?

Hiking alone involves a calculated risk where help could be hours away from a bad fall, a debilitating injury, a sexual assault, an animal attack or even a wrong turn.

Hiking alone is not necessary dangerous, what makes it dangerous is when you hike alone WITHOUT telling anyone where you are going to hike. believes that for female hikers, there are often additional mental hurdles to overcome on the trail. Most women are taught that being alone is unsafe and they are encouraged to travel in groups.

Solo hiking can be daunting but if you plan and follow the 5 steps in preventing the dangers of hiking, you can without a doubt enjoy it.

Read more about the Dangers of Hiking and how to prevent it here.

About Solo Hiking

How do you protect yourself when hiking alone?

  • Let someone know where you are going to hike and how long the hike is going to be.
  • Take a map, don’t just rely on your cellphone.
  • Be wary of strangers.

I try to hike in National Parks when I hike alone.

The reason for this is that you normally pay to enter the park and that there are a lot of other hikers and trail runners so the changes are smaller that someone will try to rob or kill you.

I also take pepper spray unless weapons are forbidden in the park then I make sure to have my emergency whistle as well as a hiking pole.

Why would I hike solo?

The best benefit of solo hiking is flexibility.

You can keep to your pace, can take breaks when and how long you want to take it. Not only can you hike your own hike but you also don’t have to hike the trails what other people want to hike.

Solo hiking can be budget friendly and you can combine it with a traveling holiday or just hiking in the morning should you incline to.

How can I get over my fear of hiking solo?

  • Start small and go for shorter hikes in the beginning.

Try to do an hour or two the first time. Gain your confidence before you take on the longer hikes.

  • Hike popular trails.

A well-marked trail makes everything so much more fun and enjoyable. Popular hiking trails also have more hikers and therefor are safer should you need assistance.

  • Learn the skills from someone else first.

I can read a map with a compass, I know how to react in an emergency. I can also make a fire with the bare necessities and I know what to pack and how to pace myself. Someone taught me these skills first and without them I would never have done a solo hike.

  • Be prepared, plan your hike.

Find out more about the trail you are planning to hike. Make sure that you know what the weather conditions will be and pack the correct gear for it.

Take the12 Essentials on your hike.

Save the emergency numbers on your phone and make sure to take a power bank if you use your phone as a camera as well.

  • Know your limits.

How far can you walk? Are you fit? How thirsty or hungry do you get on the trial? Do you know how much you can carry?

Remember to have FUN!

Conclusion about a Woman’s guide to Solo hiking

Hiking solo can be a wonderful experience. Make sure that you inform a reliable person about your hike.

Plan and prepare your hike. Stay on route and never do a technical hike alone.

Leave no trace and enjoy the adventure.

Would you hike alone?

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4 thoughts on “SOLO Hiking – a Woman’s Guide”

  1. There are some great tips in this article on hiking solo if you’re female. Yes, it’s essential to tell someone where your going and what time to expect you back. Carrying a pepper spray could certainly save you from attack should the worst happen. I’m sure national parks are beautiful places to enjoy a hike on your own and that bit safer. Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Hiking alone is definitely therapeutic from my point of view because you probably need some time off your normal routine. Hiking alone as a woman isn’t completely safe but thanks to this article, we get tips on how women can protect themselves when they go hiking alone.

    Great tips because women are at more risk when they go hiking alone and they have know one with them to help them fight of the problem. It is also very necessary to tell someone where you would be just in case of anything, they would be able to trace you.

    Great article, keep up the good work

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